Emergency Management And Planning For Public Safety

May 23, 2016
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Prevention methods that are adopted by the concern authorities to reduce the effects of the calamities or any other disasters for the safety of the people are called the emergency management. With the help of advance science and technology the concern departments can take the necessary precautions. For example, when there are chances of occurring different natural calamities like floods, cyclones and tsunami etc. the satellites can indicate the signals. With those alerts, the people working in the departments can intimate the governments to take proper measures to avoid loss of people and properties. The concern departments are connected to the disaster management team and they will respond immediately.

They need to plan according to the situations and have to implement for the safety of the public to save them from the hazards. The latest equipment’s like emergency locator beacons can help in finding the location of certain things in emergency. The main focus of the emergency departments is on implementing the measures to reduce the severe impact of the calamities or any human induced disasters and save the people and their assets. They set up the help centers to provide the necessary services to the people in time of emergency. The staff in these departments are trained and experienced in providing the rescue services. They can have the ability to fight against any conditions while working for the operations.

They can have the GPS tracking systems that can help to trace the affected areas and to know the severity of the disaster in particular place. In some places that are near to the beach areas, it becomes mandatory to move the people residing in the nearby areas to the safe places as there are threats in such regions due to the disturbances in the underground surface of the seas and oceans. They can have the required transportation to shift the people in the emergency areas to the safe places. The emergency locator beckons can help them to detect the effected people in the remote areas or any other boats that are struck in the middle of the seas or oceans.
To reduce the major loss and to save the people from such emergency calamities, they have to follow systematic plan designed by the experts. They have to keep all the emergency services and the staff ready to face any kind of situation. Emergency management departments can have certain functionalities which can include:

• Intimating the public and the governments about the upcoming hazards and threats

• Analyzing the situation as per the information from the satellites

• Planning the strategies to reduce the effect of the disasters

• Providing necessary services to the needy people in time

They can never back foot in providing the services to the people as it can be their primary responsibility to save the people from the natural or human induced disasters.